[Job Seeker] My Boss


|| My Boss ||

Written by Ayumu-Chaan.

[INFINITE] Nam Woohyun x [LOVELYZ] Lee Mijoo

AU, Life, a bit fluff/romance || Vignette || PG-13

I just own plot and story.

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I get sensitive over little things these days [Clean –Babysoul&Sujeong]


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[My Boyfriend Series] Shy



 Happy 1st Anniversary Lovelyz Fanfiction Indonesia!^^ 😀



˪ My Boyfriend Series ˥

#3 Shy



A fanfiction by Ayumu-Chaan

Yoo Jiae [Lovelyz] & Lee Sungjong [INFINITE] || Romance? || Ficlet (812 words) || General / G

Blog: http://ayumuchaan.wordpress.com

Disclaimer: This is my story and just in my imagination. I’m sorry if there same any title or character. Plot and story is mine. But, the cast(s) isn’t mine.

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