[Drabble-Mix] Carpe Diem


aurora’s property

Jung Yein & Jeon Jungkook
a drabble mix in romance, angst, hurt/comfort, and slight!crime
(for some mature content)

Poster © Lizzle Ayumu Rin via IFA

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[Graduation Party] Aparecium



(v.) reveals

aurora’s property

Park Myungeun (JIN) – Jeon Jungkook – Park Sooyoung – Jung Yein
a vignette (1.4k words only)
detective story ; crime ; school-life ; slight!romance
rated 15+

Poster © Aqueera via POSTER CHANNEL

This is just a fictional work and doesn’t mean any harm to anybody.
I do not hold grudge against the said person.

warning: language and sensitive topic

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[Ficlet] 眼


“And she would mark the opening skies, I saw no Heaven—but in her eyes.”
— from Tamerlane by Edgar Alan Poe.

written by aurora ; Jung Yein & Jeon Jungkook ; a ficlet in surrealism and—guess what ; rated PG-15

Poster © Ravenclaw


Jika mau bermain Tukar-fitur-sebelum-tidur dengan Jungkook, maka jangan tukar fiturmu dengan bola matanya.

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[A New Trilogy] Midnight Solar


presented by aurora | starring Yoo Jiae, James Hawthorn (OC) , Lee Mijoo, and some other casts—mostly original characters | Sci-Fi; Dystopia; Action; Post-apocalyptic and Family | a Vignette PG-15

inspired by: The 5th Wave (book by Rick Yancey) and Hansel & Gretel: The Witch Hunters (movie)

Poster © Jungleelovely via POSTER CHANNEL


Oh, bung, menjadi pemburu alien tidak segampang jadi pemburu babi hutan.

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