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[Drabble-Mix] Lovelyz with BF


Sedikit kisah tentang member Loveyz bersama Sang Kekasih.

bangsvt’s proudly present

Lovelyz with BF

Starring : Lovelyz member; BTS’s Seokjin Kim, Yoongi Min, Hoseok Jung, Namjoon Kim, Taehyung Kim, and Jungkook Jeon; Seventeen’s Seungcheol Choi and Jisoo Hong


Slice of Life, Romance, Fluff, a little bit Comedy



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[Graduation Party] Early


(nb: tadi gak sengaja ke publish makanya w hapus lagi 😥 maap min e.e ) 

Thanks for ABL ❤ 



©2016 – Cupid


Jeong Yein ft. Park Sunyoul


Slight! Park Myungeun


Horror ; Gore – Ficlet – PG-17


WARNING: Gore bertebaran di mana – mana, bagi yang gak suka gore di persilahkan untuk tidak membaca fanfiksi ini. Terimakasih.

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[Graduation Party] I’ll Be Alright

Myung Eun tahu kok jika dia memang jenius penyendiri dengan latar belakang yang menyedihkan.


Title : I’ll Be Alright | Scriptwriter : magnaegihyun | Genre : Angst, Family | Duration : Vignette | Rating : T | Starring : Park Myung Eun, Choi Young Jae | Continue reading “[Graduation Party] I’ll Be Alright”

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[Graduation Party] Reticent


[Graduation Party] Reticent – Nightskies

is made as part of Graduation Party with Yein and JIN

Myungeun bukan orang dewasa, dan juga bukan anak kecil, tapi ia baru tahu bahwa jatuh cinta ternyata bisa sesalah ini.

JIN [Myungeun] (Lovelyz) with Jimin (BTS)


Angst, Friendship


Disclaimer: The entire event that happens in this story is all pure fictional, none of them are true. Any same events, same persons, same places, are pure coincidences. All the characters in this story belong to wherever they are, while the poster and story also the love for JIN is mine.
Plagiarism is a bad thing, you know, and it will bite back someday 😉


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[Graduation Party] Aparecium



(v.) reveals

aurora’s property

Park Myungeun (JIN) – Jeon Jungkook – Park Sooyoung – Jung Yein
a vignette (1.4k words only)
detective story ; crime ; school-life ; slight!romance
rated 15+

Poster © Aqueera via POSTER CHANNEL

This is just a fictional work and doesn’t mean any harm to anybody.
I do not hold grudge against the said person.

warning: language and sensitive topic

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[Graduation Party] Android’s Problems

Android's Problems.png

Special dedicate fanficition to Lovelyz Fanfiction Indonesia’s Jin Birthday Event

[Graduation Party — What Happened at Your Graduation Party?]


©2016, BaekMinJi93


Starring with

Lovelyz’s Park Myungeun as Jin and BTS’ Kim Seokjin as Jin


| AU! – Angst – Hurt – Romance – School Life – Sci-fi – Surrealism | Ficlet | PG – 13 |


This story purely from my precious mind. DON’T BASHING AND DON’T PLAGIARISM!

Happy reading…

“Hei! Aku tidak percaya jika aku masih bisa menangis lagi.”


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[Graduation Party] CASE-I



  Lovelyz`s Myungeun & Mijoo  

   with Lovelyz Members  

  slight!crime, detective, friendship, school-life story rated by T served in vignette length  

Disclaim: this is a work of fiction. I don’t own the cast. Every real ones belong to their real life and every fake ones belong to their fake appearance. Any similarity incidents, location, identification, name, character, or history of any person, product, or entity potrayed herein are fictious, coincidental, and unintentional. Any unauthorized duplication and/or distribution of this art and/or story without permission are totally restricted.

2016 © IRISH Art & Story all rights reserved

— could you find the truth? —

 Lovelyz’s Jin & Yein Birthday Project – Graduation Party

██║ ♫ ♪ │█║♪ ♫ ║▌♫ ♪ │█║♪ ♫ ║▌♫ ♪ ║██

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