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[Freelance] Paper Heart (Chapter 2)


Written by ANi

Cast(s) of Lovelyz’s Seo Jisoo as Kim Jinsol and BTS’s Kim Namjoon

Romance, Sad, Crime, Mystery, and Friendship

PG-15 || Threeshoot

Thanks for amazing poster by Aikwan_Daegi via Story Poster Zone

||Paper Heart: Pt. 2 – Closer||

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[Freelance] Broadminded



Author : Alvianit96

Main Cast : Lee Mijoo / Kim Namjoon

Other Cast : Seo Jisoo/Jung Hoseok/Mark Tuan

Genre : Drama/sad

Length : Oneshoot

Rating : PG-15

Disclaimer :plot and story are mine.the casts are their parent’s and agency’s.

(I write this after watching Sheila on7-Lapang Dada)

*Happy reading,sorry for typo anywhere*

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[Freelance] After The Ramen


by nightskies

After The Ramen

Jisoo, Mijoo (Lovelyz) with Hoseok [J-Hope], Namjoon [Rap Monster] (BTS)


Friendship, Fluff, Romance

General / G

Disclaimer: The entire event that happens in this story is all pure fictional, none of them are true. Any same events, same persons, same places, are pure coincidences. All the characters in this story belong to wherever they are, while the story is mine.
Plagiarism is a bad thing, you know, and it will bite back someday 😉


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[Freelance] Airplane



Selasa, 02 February 2016

Author: Parkjeeah

Title: Airplane

Genre  : Friendship – Sad – Romance – Angst

Cast: Jinhwan iKON  Jisoo Lovelyz – Kihyun Monsta X

Other Cast: find ithe story

Rating: G

Length: Vignette

Backsound: iKON – Airplane

Poster by: renovatio @ IndoFanficARTS


It’s just imagination also my story. I’m sorry if there’s plot and character.

Also all the characters I only borrowed to complete my story

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[Freelance] Sleepy



Author                        : Raissa Pearl

Cast                 : Jung Yein, Seo Jisoo (Lovelyz), Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok (BTS)

Genre              : Fluff, Comedy

Length                        : Vignette (1445 words)

Rating             : G

Disclaimer       : The characters are owned by their agencies. The story-line is mine, but the picture is not. Plagiarizing is no no no~ This is the sequel from ‘Blind Date’. Enjoy!
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